16 gânduri despre &8222;Hotel de Gheata Balea Lac – Romania –&8221;

  1. Reblogged this on Angels Blog and commented:
    Scottie’s Toy-box has become a blog I am rather fond of, Scottie has a magical and passionate way of expressing what he believes in and getting his message out to the world in a unique way.
    Suffice to say that I am truly humbled by Scotties enthusiasm that he takes to my rants raves and impulsive often random outbursts that I display within my blog.
    I am wrapped that Scottie wrote to me and asked for my permission to share my sometimes out there, and ever so bold post’s via a link on his page,
    Without hesitation I replied to his request, as I play my air drums, with a grin, and feel somehow some sense of self satisfaction that somebody out there benefits from my word’s regardless of how random or non politically correct they may be, including the occasional but obvious expletive that comes fluently. (almost like a 2nd language).
    Big hug’s to you Scottie, you are worth your weight in gold xxx

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